Volunteer Code of Conduct

September 2021

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to inform volunteers of the standards of conduct required when supporting TADCT or working with or on behalf of The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust (TADCT).

Volunteers are expected to act honestly, conscientiously, reasonably and in good faith at all times when carrying out their activities, duties and in their relationships or interactions with other people. Relating to TADCT

Expected Behaviours

At all times, we expect volunteers to:

  • be present at the agreed times and let us know if you cannot attend or are not help any more as soon as you are aware of a problem
  • carry out duties and responsibilities in a safe, efficient and competent way
  • comply with lawful and/or reasonable direction, instructions and policies
  • respect the privacy of individuals and only use confidential information for the purposes for which it was intended
  • property or funds other than for authorised purposes
  • maintain the confidentiality of any information obtained while volunteering 
  • observe safety procedures including:
    • keeping yourself and others safe at all times
    • notifying the organisation about hazards or potential hazards in the volunteering environment
    • notify your TADCT contact/supervisor about any accident, incident or property damage

Volunteers will not:

  • create any liability for our organisation without authorisation
  • act in a way that may bring TADCT or it’s Trustees into disrepute (including use of email, social media and other internet sites, engaging with media etc)
  • seek or accept any offers, gifts, rewards or benefits
  • engage in any activity that may or causes physical or mental harm of another person (such as verbal abuse, physical abuse, assault, sexual or racial harassment, bullying, safety of yourself and others)
  • be affected by alcohol, medication or non-prescription drugs while volunteering
  • provide a false or misleading statement, declaration or claim
  • falsify or change any documents or records.
  • engage in any activity that may damage our property
  • have unauthorised possession of property belonging to anyone else
  • engage in a criminal activity


Conflicts of Interest

Volunteers should avoid situations that may lead to conflicts of interest by:

  • consult with your TADCT contact/supervisor before undertaking other roles in organisations whose goals, purposes or activities conflict with our organisation
  • make sure your other commitments do not conflict with the performance of your duties with our organisation
  • advising your TADCT contact/supervisor immediately if a conflict of interest exists, occurs or could possibly occur.
  • Read and agree with the TADCT policy on Conflicts of Interest.


Breaches of the Code of Conduct

Breaches of the Code of Conduct may lead the Trustees to give you a notification of unacceptable behaviour and a warning or the immediate end to your services as a volunteer. Repeated breaches of the Code of Conduct will lead to the immediate end of your services as a volunteer.


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