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There are lots of different ways that you can support us in lowering the unacceptably high rate of misdiagnosed aortic dissections and bring consistency to the whole treatment pathway. We are a charity and so wouldn’t be able to continue our work and activities without your help. Please get involved and support us today!

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To lower the unacceptably high rate of misdiagnosed aortic dissections in A&E across the UK and Ireland

Recent Supporters

“last year my previously very healthy mother attended A&E with every single symptom of Aortic Dissection and it was missed in every aspect.

She was told she had food poisoning and put on a ward; where 9 hours later she passed away at the age of 55. The lack of knowledge, management, skills & discussion around aortic dissection is simply inadequate and change needs to happen.”


“my 17 year old son died from an undiagnosed Aortic Dissection. This can happen to the very young too.

We need to ensure that A&E doctors are trained to look for and understand the signs of an Aortic Dissection.”


“My Brother who was 32, was treated for a heart attack, he went into hospital on a Friday and was kept there with no scans or specialist Doctors and died on the Sunday. This petition is so important.

He had told them my Grandad and Mom had died from an aneurysm and even then no one listened. Early diagnosis is crucial. How many others have lost their lives this way..”


“My stepfather passed away last month after having a type A aortic dissection. Throughout his 4 hour ordeal, he was not given the proper diagnosis and he died in hospital.

We as a family are devastated by our loss. Awareness has to be raised in order to save lives.”


 Supports and Volunteers Spotlight

Battle Rope & 25K fitness challenge

Tim, Caz and some of the Belvedere Plodders are raising funds with a fitness challenge. Combining a team attempt to keep a battle rope flowing for 2 hours in May, and then in June (to celebrates Tim’s birthday) a 25K walk over the North Downs.

200 Miles

Dave cycled over 200 miles in 8 days, raising money in memory of his close friend & colleague Ben Latham who tragically lost his life to an undiagnosed aortic dissection.

Ben’s son, Harry, joined a 10-mile leg too.

Cycling from Sheffield to Rome

Stefano, a consultant cardiac surgeon and aortic surgeon in Sheffield will be cycling from Sheffield to Rome.

Starting on 1 st May 2021 and, in stages, will cover the 1,500 miles, aiming to arrive in Rome in the late summer.

Along the road, colleagues and friends from the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy will share parts of the journey to support Stefano to reach this ambitious target.

80 for 80

John, turning 80 this year, will celebrate by walking 80 miles in 7 days, beginning on Sunday 12th September.

John’s daughter, Joanne, had a misdiagnosed aortic dissection. Fortunately, she is still alive to tell the tale!

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