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The Charity embarks on a new chapter of enhanced medical research through its introductory membership with the Association of Medical Research Charities.


October 2023


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Association of Medical Research Charities

The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust has taken a significant stride towards strengthening medical research by becoming an introductory member of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC). This membership exemplifies our dedication to fostering quality research into aortic disease, an initiative aligned with AMRC’s overarching mission of improving and saving lives through robust medical research.

The AMRC is a highly esteemed body that supports medical research charities in the UK and Ireland. It provides a platform for charities to collaborate and engage in high-standard research by offering specialist guidance, training, and auditing to ensure their funding processes adhere to best-practice guidelines. By doing so, AMRC ensures that the funds are justly used for research initiatives that hold promise for significant medical advancements.

Our introductory membership reflects our commitment to adhere to the AMRC’s best-practice guidelines in running our research grants programme. This membership is more than an affiliation; it’s a journey towards achieving a higher standard of research governance and execution. TADCT, through its Research Advisory Group, is committed to actively working towards meeting the AMRC’s full membership criteria over the forthcoming two years.

AMRC aortic dissection research member

Being part of the AMRC is an opportunity to contribute to a larger community dedicated to medical research. The Association has a strong advocacy agenda, influencing policy, and research frameworks at a broader level. It highlights the contributions of health and medical charities towards patient and public health, making it a significant platform for us to be part of.

This membership also opens avenues for networking with other like-minded charities, sharing knowledge, and learning from the collective experiences of the community. It is through such collaborative efforts that we aim to make substantial headway in our fight against aortic dissection.

As we step into this new phase of collaborative research engagement with AMRC, we reaffirm our resolve to contribute meaningfully to the medical research landscape. Our shared vision with the AMRC is to drive positive change in medical research, aiming at better diagnosis, increased survival, and reduced disability due to aortic dissection.

We at the Charity are thrilled about this association and look forward to working closely with the AMRC and its members towards achieving our shared goals in medical research and patient advocacy.

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