Celebrating Hull University Teaching Hospitals’ HSJ Award Victory

The HSJ Award triumph by Hull University Teaching Hospitals underscores their innovative strides in diagnosing thoracic aortic dissection, symbolising a milestone in patient safety and medical education.


November 2023

2023 HSJ Awards

Patient safety award winner

In partnership with

Hull University Teaching Hospitals

Last night’s HSJ Award 2023 for Patient Safety, won by Hull University Teaching Hospitals, marks a significant advancement in our mission, particularly in the accurate diagnosis of thoracic aortic dissection. This award highlights both the clinical achievement and our successful educational collaboration that aims to enhance patient safety.

The project by Hull University Teaching Hospitals aimed to refine the diagnostic process in emergency settings, significantly reducing the risks of misdiagnosis. The collaboration with the charity played a pivotal role in this development, as expressed by Austin Smithies, Consultant in Emergency Medicine:

“We are trying to do something meaningful to prevent people with acute aortic dissection from being misdiagnosed in our department. I would like to acknowledge the education the charity has provided to our department and the influence TADCT has had on our project.”

The foundation of this successful initiative was laid at our 2022 RCEM Acute Aortic Dissection: Diagnosis and Initial Management Study Day, attended by the Hull team. This event kick-started a series of educational collaborations, including an advanced session at Hull’s Emergency Department, supplemented by video and reminder learning resources. These educational interventions were instrumental in connecting the team with the importance of this project from a patient safety perspective.

Spreading Excellence in Diagnosis

Our ongoing collaboration with Austin Smithies and his team aims to expand this initiative. A comprehensive set of aortic dissection resources is being developed for wider dissemination across regions, including Yorkshire and the North East. This effort has been aimed at spreading knowledge and instilling a culture of precision and precaution in the diagnosis of thoracic aortic dissection across various medical settings.

The HSJ Award is a recognition of Hull University Teaching Hospitals’ commitment to patient safety and the tangible results of their efforts in improving diagnostic accuracy. It also highlights the importance of targeted educational programs in enhancing clinical skills and patient outcomes.

Congratulations to Hull University Teaching Hospitals on this notable achievement. Their work, particularly in the context of the NHS’s 75th anniversary, is a reminder of the continuous need for innovation and education in healthcare.

Celebrating Hull University Teaching Hospitals' HSJ Award Victory

Photo credit: HSJ Awards

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