Customer First Digital Champions Awareness with Annual Fundraiser

Customer First Digital's 'To Derby and Back Fundraiser' surpassed its goal, raising awareness and funds for aortic dissection. The team's collective 217.68-mile journey and £1000 raised are a testament to their dedication.


September 2023

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Raising vital funds and awareness

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Customer First Digital

We’re delighted to share the heartening story of an extraordinary fundraising initiative undertaken by Customer First Digital. Their commitment and efforts in raising awareness and funds for aortic dissection are truly commendable and align perfectly with the mission of our charity.

Dave Trolle, CFD Founder, has a personal connection to this cause. He lost a close friend and colleague to aortic dissection, an event that profoundly impacted him. This tragedy spurred him to take action, and this year, the staff took on the To Derby and Back Fundraiser, a challenging feat that saw the team collectively covering over 200 miles, the distance from Beverley to Derby and back, within 7 days. Activities ranged from walking dogs to cycling, all geared towards achieving this ambitious goal.

Customer First Digital Champions Aortic Dissection Awareness with Annual Fundraiser

As well as being a physical endurance event, the fundraiser was also a drive to raise awareness about aortic dissection – a condition still shrouded in obscurity for many. Through social media posts, email campaigns, and community engagement, CFD ensured that the message reached as wide an audience as possible. Their efforts helped educate the general public on the importance of early diagnosis of aortic dissection.

The culmination of this event was nothing short of inspiring. On September 3rd, the team surpassed their goal, clocking in a total of 217.68 miles. The enthusiasm and dedication were unmistakable, and the event was not only a challenge but also a source of enjoyment and solidarity for the team. Impressively, they also raised £1000, a testament to their hard work and the generosity of those who supported their cause.

We are immensely grateful to Customer First Digital for their ongoing support and dedication. Their efforts in raising funds and awareness are invaluable in our ongoing efforts. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire CFD team and everyone who contributed to making this event a success.

Together, we are making strides towards a future where aortic dissection is widely understood, promptly diagnosed, and effectively treated.

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