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MP Pauline Latham's retirement marks the beginning of her intensified efforts towards aortic dissection advocacy.


July 2023

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BBC Politics


Aortic dissection advocacy

Pauline Latham MP, a trusted member of parliament, renowned public figure and a driving force of the Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust, has recently revealed her decision to retire. Having served the people of Mid Derbyshire for almost fifteen years, she will now dedicate her efforts to raising awareness and improving the diagnosis and care for aortic dissection, a condition impacting her family.


Aortic Dissection Advocacy

Pauline Latham’s tireless work as an MP has positively impacted the lives of many individuals and her dedication to public service is unparalleled. Her recent decision to retire as an MP won’t mean the end of her service to her community. In fact, in her letter to the Prime Minister, she expressed her intention to be more involved with the Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust, established in memory of her son, Ben, who tragically died of a misdiagnosed aortic dissection in 2018.

Working with the Department of Health & Social Care

Our trustees, including Pauline, have been continuously engaging with the current and previous Secretary of State for Health & Social Care, highlighting the national agenda for this condition. We believe that better person centred care can be achieved when we combine forces with key players in the health sector, driving broad engagement with clinicians, patients and families. Through this collaborative effort, we are actively increasing awareness, enabling timely diagnosis and treatment, and reducing the disability and death toll associated with this condition.


Ongoing Research

In addition to patient care, an emphasis of our work is on research. As Pauline mentioned, we strive for better diagnosis, care, and research into aortic dissection so other families do not have to suffer. Our ongoing research initiatives are designed to uncover the underlying causes, improve diagnostic methods, and find better treatment options for those afflicted with this condition.

Collaborative Efforts with NHS England

The strength of our work lies in our collaboration with the NHS. This partnership enables us to influence policies and advocate for changes that make a real difference. By working alongside NHS decision makers, we have been able to put aortic dissection on the national health agenda, create a toolkit for acute AD and draw attention to this often-overlooked condition.


Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch

Our support for the work carried out by HSIB and the Coroners’ Society of England & Wales, are another crucial aspect of our activities. This relationship allows us to identify and rectify systemic issues that might prevent timely diagnosis and treatment of aortic dissection, bringing us closer to our goal of reducing the suffering caused by this condition.

As we continue to bring about a positive change to the lives of those affected by aortic dissection, we are committed to making a significant impact through our ongoing policy change, collaborations, and advocacy. We are focused on giving a voice to patients and families affected by AD, ensuring they are heard, supported, and provided with the best possible care now and into the future.

As we bid farewell to Pauline Latham as an MP, we warmly welcome her increased involvement in our efforts. With her dedication and passion, we look forward to the positive change she will undoubtedly bring to the Aortic Dissection Charity and to the lives of those impacted by aortic dissection.

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