An Unforgettable Evening with Spurs Legends

Spurs Legend Steve Perryman MBE and radio presenter Bob Harris OBE shared inspiring personal experiences with aortic dissection, emphasising early diagnosis and resilience.


September 2022


South West England

Fundraising for

TADCT & Devon Air Ambulance Trust

On the 16th of September 2022, along with Devon Air Ambulance, we hosted the UK’s largest awareness event, ‘An Evening with Spurs Legends‘. Over 250 people gathered to participate in this special event during Aortic Dissection Awareness Week, marking it as a memorable occasion in our ongoing commitment to raising awareness of aortic dissection.

This unique event brought together Tottenham Hotspur FC aficionados and supporters of our cause, featuring beloved Spurs Legends, Steve Perryman MBE, Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa.

Bob Harris OBE joined Steve on stage; both shared their personal experiences and encounters with aortic dissection, offering an intimate glimpse into their journeys. Their open discussions were not only enlightening but also deeply inspiring, highlighting the importance of awareness, early diagnosis, and the potential for recovery and resilience.

It was a night of unity and empathy, where personal stories intersected with the world of sport, shining a light on aortic dissection and its impact on lives. It demonstrated the strength of community spirit, reinforcing our belief in the power of shared experiences to spark change and instil hope.

The turnout, enthusiasm, and positive feedback from the audience were overwhelming and a testament to the importance of such awareness events. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who attended, and especially to Steve Perryman and Bob Harris for their openness and inspiring words.

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