We plan to create several resources in collaboration with our medical advisors, professional associations and patient partners. Please feel free to download, use and share these resources.

If you have suggestions for a new resource or plan to use elements of our existing resources, please get in contact first so that we can support and provide guidance.

TADCT Virtual Launch March 2021

Upcoming Events

BSMS International Cardiothoracic Surgical Conference for Medical Students and Junior Doctors

1st May 2021  |  9:00-18:00 BST  |  Virtual

Educational session designed to give student and junior doctors an understanding of aortic dissection and how best to approach the condition, including a patient and relative’s perspective.

WMAS Quality Assured CPD Event

7th May 2021  |  15:00 BST  |  Virtual 

The Detectable Killer

Paramedic and pre-hospital aortic dissection education event covering an overview of the condition, key facts, symptoms, assessment and management.

SCTS Virtual Annual Meeting

9th May 2021 |  14:30 BST  |  Virtual  |  Aortic Surgery I

Acute type A aortic dissection; A National Perspective.

Presented by Graham Cooper, a trustee at The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust.

College of Paramedics National Conference

12th May 2021 |  13:15 BST  |  Virtual  |  Stream Two

Aortic dissection: the silent killer. Essential knowledge for early recognition and clinical guidance for pre-hospital clinicians.

Presented by Simon Rose MCPara, Paramedic, East of England Ambulance Service, pre-hospital education lead at The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust.

EURORDIS Membership Meeting 2021

12th May 2021 |  10:30 and 14:00 BST  |  Virtual 

Living in a Virtual World: Online Conferences and Fundraisers

Workshop and presentation covering advice for patient organisations wishing to work with celebrities and influencers to promote their cause and maximise their profile. Lead by Catherine Fowler, a trustee and aortic dissection campaigner.

CPD Webinar

8th June 2021 |  20:00 BST  |  Virtual

Aortic Dissection: The Detectable Killer

The charity’s collaboration with CPDme will bring an engaging educational series of webinars focusing on each aspect of the aortic dissection pathway to improve knowledge and patient outcomes.

The first of the series will be led by Simon Rose a HCPC registered Paramedic working for the East of England Ambulance Service who has trained over 500 pre-hospital clinicians on how to identify this time-critical condition.

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