G F Tomlinson Set for a Year of Fundraising

G F Tomlinson's 2024 fundraising initiatives, including a baking battle and football tournament, aim to raise awareness and support for aortic dissection. This strategic partnership leverages the firm's legacy in community engagement for vital healthcare causes.


December 2023

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G F Tomlinson

G F Tomlinson, a family-run construction firm with a 130-year legacy in the Midlands, has partnered with our charity, highlighting their commitment to social responsibility. Renowned in their industry for their construction expertise and dedication to community engagement, the firm is now channelling efforts into raising awareness and support for aortic dissection.

The staff at G F Tomlinson have a history of active involvement in social causes, frequently contributing time, materials, and effort to community projects and wider initiatives. This new partnership signifies a focused effort to combat aortic dissection, a condition that requires increased public attention and support.

G F Tomlinson partners with aortic dissection charity for 2024 fundraising

The fundraising efforts planned for 2024 are designed to engage both the staff and the broader community. Key events include a company-wide Great British Bake Off inspired baking battle, a 5-a-side football tournament, and a staff fancy dress day. These events not only aim to raise funds for the charity but also to foster a deeper understanding of aortic dissection among staff and their clients.

This partnership is a strategic move by G F Tomlinson to leverage their corporate influence for a significant health cause, demonstrating how businesses can contribute meaningfully to critical healthcare issues. The initiative is expected to have a considerable impact on both fundraising and awareness for aortic dissection in 2024.

This partnership with G F Tomlinson represents an important step forward. Their involvement brings not only financial support but also a valuable opportunity to reach a wider audience, enhancing the visibility of aortic dissection as a health priority.

We are excited and grateful for this collaboration with G F Tomlinson and look forward to a year of impactful activities. Together, we hope to make a substantial difference in the lives of those affected by aortic disease and bring this important issue to the forefront of public consciousness.

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