Miracle Running for Aortic Awareness

Emily takes on the London Landmarks Half Marathon with Miracle the Unicorn as part of a year long challenge, for aortic dissection awareness.


February 2024


Aortic dissection patient support


Running for Rebecca

Miracle the Unicorn aka Emily is set for the London Landmarks Half Marathon with a deeply personal reason. From her regular running routes of Canterbury, and running events all over the UK, Emily brings to light the critical issue of aortic dissection, a medical emergency that has profoundly impacted her family.

Aortic dissection struck Emily’s family twice, first affecting her mother, who fortunately recovered, and then more severely impacting her sister, Rebecca. At 42, Rebecca experienced a catastrophic dissection that led to multiple organ failures and the eventual amputation of her toes, a devastating outcome for a family with a love for marathon running.

The adversity faced by the family serves as the foundation of their commitment to raising awareness and funds for aortic dissection research, enabling our work in supporting those affected and families, advancing diagnosis, and striving to enhance survival rates.

Emily’s choice to participate in the marathon dressed as a unicorn named Miracle is symbolic, representing the miraculous survival of her sister and the unique journey each patient with aortic dissection undergoes.

A life Changed by Aortic Dissection…

We stand with the courageous individuals and their families facing the life altering impact of an aortic dissection. One such person is Rebecca, a passionate artist, a marathon runner and devoted mother. After experiencing an aortic dissection in December 2022, she has undergone multiple surgeries, a long recovery process and the difficult adjustment of losing her toes. As she fights to regain her independence and return to the activities she loves, the cost of specialised medical assistance and bespoke orthotics can escalate into the thousands. But Rebecca is nothing short of a warrior, and with the unyielding support of her family, she’s determined to walk and even run again.

Emily, Rebecca’s sister, embarks on a year of fundraising activities to aid in Rebecca’s rehabilitation. Displaying remarkable fortitude and a spark of playfulness, Emily has committed to run 12 races in 12 counties over the next 12 months – all while dressed as a unicorn! You can stay updated on Rebecca’s progress and follow Emily’s thrilling adventure. Together, we can turn this challenging journey into a story of resilience and hope.

The Trust is at the forefront of Emily’s campaign, offering support for those navigating the complexities of this condition. The trust’s efforts in education, particularly through the Could it be AD educational film that outlines the presentation of aortic dissection, are instrumental in her mission. This resource is vital for broadening public understanding and potentially saving lives through early detection.

For those inspired by Emily’s dedication, you can also join our cause to support research into improving the outcomes of aortic dissection. Join us in our mission.

Could it be aortic dissection video masterclass

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