Solo Kayak UK Challenge for Aortic Dissection

Driven by personal loss, Michael Lambert sets out on an ambitious solo kayak journey around the UK. His mission: to break a Guinness World Record and spotlight the critical need for aortic dissection awareness and research.


June 2024


Solo kayak Guinness record attempt


Aortic dissection awareness

In a heartfelt response to a family tragedy, Michael Lambert embarks on a demanding solo kayak circumnavigation of mainland UK. This challenge not only honours his mother, who tragically passed away from complications related to aortic dissection but also serves as an opportunity to raise awareness and funding for aortic dissection research and support.

The Lambert family faced this profound loss in 2022 when Doctors tragically delayed their mother’s diagnosis, leading to successful surgery but ultimately a devastating stroke. In her memory, Michael and his sisters, Sarah and Katie, raised funds at the time for the Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust, contributing to research to reduce the incidence of delayed and undiagnosed aortic dissections and supporting the development of the Aortic Dissection Bereavement Guide.

Michael Lambert is embarking on a demanding solo kayak circumnavigation of Mainland UK

Michael, an accomplished kayaker with a history of representing Team GB in European and World Championship events, now takes on a new challenge. He will paddle solo around the 2,000-mile coastline of the UK and Ireland, starting today from West Wittering, West Sussex. His goal is not just personal achievement but to surpass the current world record of 40 days, set in 2023 by Dougal Glaisher, thereby bringing attention to our cause.

This challenge is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for aortic dissection and the RNLI.

Supported by Epic Kayaks UK, Michael will undertake this Guinness record attempt in their V8 GT boat, a testament to his resilience and dedication. His journey is an important reminder of the impact of aortic dissection and the importance of early diagnosis and treatment. It’s a call to action for increased awareness and support to prevent similar losses.

The Aortic Dissection Charitable Trust was privileged to see Michael Lambert set off on his extraordinary solo kayak adventure. We have been supporting him throughout his meticulous preparation and will continue to stand by him every stroke of the way to the finish.

Together, we can make a difference.

Kayak for aortic dissection patient charity
Kayak for aortic dissection

Live Tracker

Track Michael Lambert’s journey live as he kayaks around the UK and Ireland. This real-time map shows his current location Mike Lambert current location and progress as he raises awareness and funds for aortic dissection research and support.

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