5K for aortic dissection

Celebrities patients and medical professionals came together in a show of unity, marking an important step towards improving diagnosis and survival rates of the condition.


July 2023


Ashton Gate Stadium, Bristol

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Bristol Sport, Bristol City FC & Bristol Bears

The 5K walk for AD took place at Ashton Gate Stadium on July 25th, proving to be a success in raising awareness about this condition. Led by Paul Hobbs, and supported by a group of individuals including celebrities the event not only provided valuable information but also served as a collective effort towards better understanding and management of aortic dissection.

Football legends Steve Perryman and Gary Mabbutt, along with broadcaster “Whispering” Bob Harris, led the walk, sharing their personal experiences of aortic dissection. The involvement of such high-profile personalities was instrumental in attracting the public’s attention and encouraging open discussions about this often overlooked condition.

Aortic dissection awareness in Bristol

Joining them were former Bristol City stars, Paul Cheesley, Geoff Merrick, and Trevor Tainton, as well as representatives from Bristol Bears, surgeons and patients from the charity. As the walkers completed the 15 laps around the pitch, it was clear that the walk was a powerful symbol of the ongoing commitment to improving diagnosis, increasing survival rates, and reducing disability due to aortic disease. 

Alongside the walk, aortic dissection survivors opened up about their experiences with the condition. Their heartfelt stories coupled with expert advice provided by the charity allowed attendees to gain a deeper understanding of aortic dissection.

All in all, the 5K Walk for AD was a day filled with a shared purpose, fostering hope and unity in the fight against this condition. The event has undoubtedly paved the way for continued efforts in raising awareness about aortic dissection and has empowered the wider public with valuable knowledge and understanding.

Bristol aortic dissection

Paul's Story

In Weston-super-Mare in 2021, a man named Paul Hobbs walked the marathon distance along the Grand Pier exactly two years after undergoing significant heart surgery.

Paul has participated in scores of charity fundraisers, including a sponsored challenge that raised money for the British Heart Foundation.

Through innumerable walks, auctions, and other activities over the past three decades, the 74-year-old has raised about £1 million for various organisations and charities.

The sum of money Paul has collected is impressive, but it is not what makes his efforts so extraordinary.

He was initially terrified to move when doctors discovered a large aneurysm. Paul considers himself fortunate to have come through it unscathed.

Paul’s family have been less fortunate, tragically losing a number of relatives to aortic dissection, a condition that runs in his and his wife’s family.

And so, Paul has dedicated his next fundraising challenge to supporting aortic dissection.

Facebook fundriasing continues

Living up to his reputation of being an indefatigable fundraiser, Paul continues to run the Facebook auction, with funds raised contributing to his fundraising total. A variety of sporting items are up for bidding. To take part in the auction, follow Paul’s Facebook page. The auction items are regularly updated. By having a bid, you will not only get the chance to win an exclusive item but also continue to support the charity’s essential work. Thank you, everyone!

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